"Too Many Girls"

Valerie Kairys Venet & The Monkees01:06

Valerie Kairys Venet & The Monkees

Val and PT 11 7 12

Valerie and Peter, 11/7/12, Monkees Concert, LA.

Sometimes known as the 5th Monkee, she was the most commonly used actress in the series, appearing in 13
Valerie Kairys and Catwoman

Valerie was also a regular on Catwoman-I mean the show about the guy in the Bat suit

episodes.  Her biggest role in the series was as Toby in "Monkees A La Mode"

IMDB FilmographyEdit

Breaking Bread Trailer01:01

Breaking Bread Trailer

2013-"Bad Samaritans" (Episode 5)

2007 "Breaking Bread"

1971 Vanishing Point 
Girl #2  
1968 Head 
Spectator - Jumping Girl Scene (uncredited) 1966-1968The Monkees (TV series) Blonde Girl with Davy / Girl being rescued by Monkee firefighters / Girl in rowboat with Mike / … – Mijacogeo (1968) … KXIW-TV girl (uncredited) – Some Like It Lukewarm (1968) … Melody (uncredited) – Monkees Mind Their Manor (1968) … Spectator at Ye Olde Fair (uncredited) – Monkees Race Again (1968) … Girl with check skirt (uncredited) – Monstrous Monkee Mash (1968) … Girl summoned by wolf howl (uncredited) 

1966 Batman (TV series) 

– The Catwoman Goeth (1966) … Kitty (as Valeri Kairys) 
– The Sandman Cometh (1966) … Kitty (as Valeri Kairys)  

From Monkeeland thread about "Breaking Bread": "Here is a trailer to an irreverant video short she did with fellow Monkees extra Roxanne Albee. Roxanne plays the nun. Valerie is the other woman in the film. Roxanne was that blonde that showed up in about 7 of the 1st season Monkees episodes,( Remember the girl placing the guest star name cards on stage during the Amateur Hour bit of the episode "Too Many Girls"?), dated Micky for a bit in the early Monkee days,  and years later met and married Brendan Cahill.  They both attended a 1987 Hollywood Monkees convention, but I don't know if they are still married.  The guy in the video is Roxanne's brother.  Roxanne also has a facebook page under the name Roxanne Albee.  Monkee mentions are on both of these ladies facebook pages."

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