The Very Best of The Monkees is a VHS released by Columbia/Tristar Home Video in 1999.

Includes 7 episodes on one big video!

Mijacgeo: The Monkees see a pulsing eye that freezes people to their television sets. (Aired 3/25/1968)

Monkees on Tour: Fans throng the Monkees' first concert tour. (aired 4/24/1967) Songs: "Steam Engine", "Words"

Here Come The Monkees: The boys dramatize history to help a girl pass a test. (aired 11/14/1966)

Alias Micky Dolenz: The police ask Micky to pose as a mobster. (aired 3/6/1967)

Art, for Monkees' Sake: Two crooks dupe Peter into copying an art masterpiece. (Aired 10/9/1967)

The Monkees' Paw: A magical monkey's paw brings disaster to the boys. (Aired 1/29/1968)

I've Got a Little Song Here: Mike is swindled by a man posing as a music publisher. (aired 11/28/1966) Songs: "Gonna Buy Me a Dog", "For Pete's Sake"

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