The Grungies (Monkees spoof) - The Ben Stiller Show For the Love of Grunge08:47

The Grungies (Monkees spoof) - The Ben Stiller Show For the Love of Grunge

Ben Stiller created "The Grungies", the best spoof/mashup of the Monkees' Show and the Seattle Grunge scene.  It's like an episode, set in Seattle, switched to Gen X, all in under 9 minutes.

Even the opening credits/theme song are a terrific rip-off of the original, down to the "hat trick", Monkee walk, Tarzan swing and rolling bed.

The characters are named Jonsie, Dolly, Tork, Stone.  Tork is essentially a stoned "Cousin Itt ".  Stone is a stoner with a hat. (And it might even be Rob Morrow ?)

Josh Goldsilver is played by "Mickey Dolenz". (Yes, it's really HIM!) 

And their Manager/Landlord "Mr. A. Dult" is played by the familiar face of Paul Dooley (you'll recognize him)

The lead singer of the Goo Girls is played by Jeanne Tripplehorn .  Her father, Tom Tripplehorne,  was a guitarist for Gary Lewis & The Playboys ("This Diamond Ring " 1965, written by Al Kooper . The band on the recording was actually made up of the Wrecking Crew, including Leon Russel)

Best of all, theme music for "The Ben Stiller Show" is credited to Dweezil , Frank Zappa 's talented kid!

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