Monkees Convention - Tammy Rose01:13

Monkees Convention - Tammy Rose

Monkees At The Circus FULL EPISODE25:03

Monkees At The Circus FULL EPISODE

Full Episode, #22, At the Circus

The Monkees Season 1

Title card from the first season of The Monkees

Six Degrees of Monkees is a fan site dedicated to connecting all of 1960's culture to The Monkees TV Show and music. And vice versa. 

One of the goals is to provide a commentary for each of the episodes, calling out every reference and providing the appropriate links wherever possible.  Crowdsourcing, comments and contributions are encouraged.

Monkees ConventionEdit

It was officially launched at the Monkees Convention at the NJ Meadowlands in March of 2013.  

TV Episode ListEdit

As of this writing, the following episodes have been analyzed, the link is to each post on

17, The Case of The Missing Monkee

22, The Monkees At the Circus

25, Alias Micky Dolenz

35, Everywhere a Sheik Sheik

47, The Christmas Episode

53, The Monkees Race Again

57, The Monkees Blow Their Minds

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