Ms Kiss Makeup

PHOTOSHOPPED (duh) group in Kiss Makeup. Kinda awesome, dude.

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The Monkees have been referenced in a
Elvis Cost reading Monkee

Elvis Costello reading literature

variety of other Pop Culture icon artwork. The Beatles References are many.  As are The Simpsons.

First Hand ReferencesEdit

Archies-Sugar Sugar story (

Second Generation EndorsementsEdit

Elvis Costello is shown here reading a copy of the Monkees.  

Howard Stern discusses the merits here-link

Jerry Garcia defends them here-link.  "Their records are pretty good, and they should be good, they have the best LA studio musicians".  This clip also contains a bit of the "freak out" section from "Steppin' Stone".
Jerry Garcia defends The Monkees, 196702:26

Jerry Garcia defends The Monkees, 1967

Howard Stern Discusses The Monkees in R&RHOF08:41

Howard Stern Discusses The Monkees in R&RHOF

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