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Paul Olsen Tandem Instructor W Peter Torkelson (Tork) "The Monkees"(12:18)
Peter Tork on the Pulse Plus Show (1981)(06:09)
Peter Tork is the eldest member of the Monkees. In the show, he was the shy, naive one, although he is actually a very smart man, as the other Monkees have been keen to point out. Peter can play multiple instruments including piano, guitar, bass, banjo, and vocals. He has deep vocals (possibly baritone), he's a vegetarian, has had cancer, and has blondish hair and hazel eyes.

There were a variety of bands and solo appearences after the Monkees. "Higher and Higher" (video) highlights his banjo and voice, circa 1981.

He currently tours with his band, Shoe Suede Blues as well as a solo show, new as of 2013-link .

PT w kid
Peter with fan, Monkees Convention, 2013
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