Ned Albright
Greetings from Jamaica




"Acapulco Sun"
"All Alone in the Dark"


Steven Soles

Ned W. Albright is a musician and songwriter who collaborated with Steven Soles on two songs recorded by the Monkees, "Acapulco Sun" and "All Alone in the Dark." Both songs appeared on the album Changes in 1970.

At age 15 Albright cut a record with his band the Live Wires, "The Mask" c/w "Keep It to Yourself", which was released in 1966 on Boom Records, an imprint of ABC-Paramount.[1] Later, Albright worked for Jeff Barry on a number of projects, including the final Monkees album for Colgems.[2] In 1972, the album Greetings from Jamaica was released on Family Records, teaming Albright with Steven Soles, Tali Jackson, and David Kapell as the band Tidbits. Albright wrote or co-wrote a majority of the album's songs, including its lone single, "Good Love Is Hard to Find".[3]

Albright has a music studio in his home and has produced albums for Gia Ciambotti, Tim Myers, and Herman Matthews.

Other Songwriting Credits Edit

BMI lists 100 songs with Ned Albright as writer or co-writer.[4] These include "Together, Forever" (with Steven Soles) and "Lost in Boston" on Robin McNamara's 1970 album Lay a Little Lovin' on Me, "How High Did We Go?" (with Victoria Medlin) on Glen Campbell's 1977 album Southern Nights, "Rain" (with Davitt Sigerson & Odette Springer) on Prism's 1981 album Small Change, and "I'll Forget You" on Jonathan Edwards's 1997 album Man in the Moon.[5]

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