Love to Love is a song written by Neil Diamond and sung by Davy Jones. Not originally released on album or aired on the TV show, the song eventually got multiple releases on compilations, culminating in a new mix on the Monkees' 2016 album Good Times.

Recording HistoryEdit

Producer Jeff Barry first laid down backing tracks for the song in January of 1967, but it got shelved along with a number of other songs when the group began recording their own material for Headquarters. Later, in August of 1969, Jones would finally record lead vocals for the song. Still, the song went unreleased for some time.

Release HistoryEdit

In 1979, an Australian compilation called Monkeemania released a low-quality version of this song, along with a few other rarities and a number of greatest hits. In 1982, Rhino Records released a higher-quality version on their compilation picture disc Monkee Business. The first release on CD was on Rhino's 1991 box set Listen to the Band, and then again on Missing Links Volume Three in 1996.

Dolenz and Tork recorded new backing vocals for the song's inclusion on Good Times.