The Monkees have been cited not only in Pop Culture, but also within court and legal proceedings.

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)Edit

By going to thislink - one can look up:

"Design Technology Group, LLC d/b/a Bettie Page Clothing and DTG California Management, LLC d/b/a Bettie Page Clothing, a Single Employer and Vanessa Morris. Case 20–CA–035511"

The document can then be searched  (use Control F to "Find" the word "Monkees"):

On page 8, in quoting a Facebook post concerning two employees who were fired, the judge allows the reference to be linked to the Monkees' TV Show.

"Although Bettie Page (clothing manufacurer) contends that this posting shows it was setup by the employees to be discharged Morris credibly explained at trial that she and her sister were big fans of “The Monkees”, a popular band with a television program in the 60’s; this sentence is something they said on that program."

On page 1, Footnote 4, the text reads:

"4. In support of its theory, the Respondent relies on the postdischarge Facebook posting by Morris, which stated, “Muhahahahahaha!!! ‘So they’ve fallen into my crutches.’” R. Exh. Br. 1–3; 16–23. The judge credited Morris’ explanation that, in jest, she was quoting dialogue from “The Monkees” television show."

FYI Bettie Page (model) was known for her pioneering inhibitions as a bondage and pinup model.  Her name has evolved into a brand and a line of clothing.

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