Jimi Hendrix & The Monkees - Detroit Concert Promo 196700:50

Jimi Hendrix & The Monkees - Detroit Concert Promo 1967

Radio Spot

After seeing Jimi at the Monterey Pop festival, Micky and Peter (who remembered him just as the guy who sets his guitar on fire) invited JH to join them on their summer tour.

Jimi's 6 Appearences w/The MonkeesEdit

He started with them in Jacksonville , FL and stayed through 6 more nights, finally ending up flipping the bird to the crowd (who shouted "Davy! Davy!" ) at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens after 3 nights in a There is a legend that the Daughters of the American Revolution insisted he be removed, but that was a story concocted by publicity people to cover up for Jimi's real to Snopes .

After July 17, 1967Edit

From The College of Rock & Roll on FB- On July 21, 1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience began a 3 night stand at New York City's Cafe A Go Go. Jimi had played there the year before as a backing musician. On one of the 3 nights, Eric Clapton, who was in town recording, came by a jammed with Jimi.

You have to keep in mind, a few nights earlier, on July 17th, Jimi opened for The Monkees, and quit the tour.

Eric Burdon and The Animals were originally scheduled to play Cafe A Go Go those nights, but Jimi's management got Jimi in instead. (In all fairness to that last line, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Eric Burdon and The Animals had the same management)

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