Riblja čorba - Zadnji voz za Čačak-002:43

Riblja čorba - Zadnji voz za Čačak-0

Every so often in the 1960's, because of random legal issues or marketing tools, American songs were recorded in other languages.
Japanese Monkees

In Japanese costume, Asian tour promo?

Monkees Singing in Another LanguageEdit

In the late 1960's, there was a tour of Asia and Australia.  Into the 21st century, Peter wears a guitar strap with Japanese writing on it, which translates to "Kamikaze".

Some songs they sang in foreign languages are:

"Tema del Monkees"-link

"Riu Chiu"-link

Covers by OthersEdit

Serbian-"Last Train to Clarksville".Riblja čorba - Zadnji voz za Čačak-link .  If you watch only one video in Serbian this year, make it this.
Monkees - Tema dei Monkees (italian version)-002:32

Monkees - Tema dei Monkees (italian version)-0

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