Mike Nesmith & The First National Band - Calico Girlfriend02:38

Mike Nesmith & The First National Band - Calico Girlfriend

MN John Ware

MN and John Ware after a Nesmith solo show, April 2013

The First National Band was Mike's 1st attempt at forming a band after the Monkees.  His second was the Second National Band.

Of course.

They were a country-rock band, one of the first.  They played a gig with the Flying Burrito Brothers , who laughed at Mike's Monkee background, despite the fact that they were even greener.  


John Ware -Drums

OJ (Orville) "Red" Rhodes -Pedal Steel Guitar

John London -Bass Guitar

3 Albums (1969- 1971)Edit

Nesmith released "Witchita Train Whistle Sings" while still under contract to the Monkees.  Recorded with a ful orchestra (and even fuller wallet).

"Magnetic South"

"Loose Salute"

"Nevada Fighter"

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