Circus Boy 1x1 "Meet Circus Boy"22:07

Circus Boy 1x1 "Meet Circus Boy"

Circus Boy is Micky's first TV Series (1956-1958).  He's billed as Micky Braddock. His costar is Noah Beery Jr.

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Episode One Commentary-link

Episode Two Commentary-link

Clips PostedEdit

"Meet Circus Boy" is Episode 1 (Pilot), from the First Season.

"The Fabulous Colonel Jack" is Episode 2 from the First Season.

"Micky Dolenz Sings in Circus Boy" is a clip of the entire cast singing the Theme Song ("It's great, it's terrific, it's the best show on Earth!!") and Micky has a few featured lines.  The group seems to be obviously singing along to a record, which was common practice for shooting film, even in the 1950's.

Micky Dolenz sings in Circus Boy01:28

Micky Dolenz sings in Circus Boy

Circus Boy 1x2 "The Fabulous Colonel Jack"22:43

Circus Boy 1x2 "The Fabulous Colonel Jack"

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