Beavertown, PA is where Davy Jones had lived for the last few decades of his life.  (He had also maintained a home in Florida)

He moved there because the bucolic setting had reminded him of England and because there was plenty of room to ride and keep horses.

DJ Related EventsEdit

A Memorial was held in March of 2012, after his passing and was attended by hundreds of devoted fans.  There were performers and a walk to the church which he had purchased, intending to turn it into a Monkee museum.

On June 15, 2013, there will also be the First Annual Beavertown Memorial Tribute which will include a variety of events including (perhaps) a Car Show, and a Bed Race inspired by the clip during the opening sequence of the Monkees in which DJ is seen riding a bed down a street, pushed by the others.

Additional Links and PublicityEdit

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