Paperback Believer02:25

Paperback Believer

"I'm a Believer" under "Paperback Writer"

MN and Lennon

Mike's relationship with John

Beatles ruffle costumes

Could these boys pull off "Royal Flush"?

Beatles Director Chairs

Look familiar?

Monkees - Tema dei Monkees (italian version)02:32

Monkees - Tema dei Monkees (italian version)

The Monkees have long been called the Pre-Fab Four, etc.  

Contemporaneous ReferencesEdit

Mike was present for the recording of "A Day in the Life", and he can be spotted in the video (link?).

John Lennon said they were "like the Marx Brothers".

Modern ReferencesEdit

Note the fantastic reworking of the "Sgt Pepper Cover", replacing the Beatles with the Monkees.  On the original, the 4 wax figures of the Beatles in suits appeared as well.

A mashup video includes "I'm a Believer" under the Beatles singing "Paperback Writer".  Ironically enough, Boyce & Hart credit that song fading out on their radio and mishearing the lyrics.  They thought it sounded like something about a train.  And then they wrote "Last Train". (Listen for the similarity next time!)

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